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Project Management Consultancy (PMC) & Detailed Project Report (DPR):

Since the establishment of ACEMANBAS we have grown substantially as a Project Management Consultancy company. In India, as a turnkey organization our focus was on GOI-driven ICDS cluster development projects on engineering, printing technology, apparel parks, IT parks, light engineering, food park, business incubators, agriculture, animal husbandry, gems and jewelry, iron and steel, sponge iron-based power plant and setting up of BPO.

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Conservation and efficient utilization of water has become a challenge to the whole

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industrial projects

Iron & Steel is a core sector industry and its demand is strongly linked to the overall

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ACEMANBAS works to give sustainable energy to the country through Solar, Wind and Waste-to-Energy..

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IPO in Merchant banking, Forex services, IT & IT-enabled services, banking and providing finance-related solutions.

We further enhanced our reputation to Diagnostic study and preparation of DPR in most of the above sectors

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That the growth potential within India as well as outside India is

We highly respect our customers, joint venture partners, associates and clients all over the world who have supported us to complete projects

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Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier

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ACEMANBAS values time highly and so we make sure that our services and assistance reach customers promptly at their time of need. With you not having to wait for a long time our services would reach you on time.

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Our keen-minded support staff can help you find the best results for your problem. With us having extensive knowledge on what we work gives us an edge over the others.

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