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about us

ACEMANBAS India Consultants Private Limited was established in the year 2000 and as of now, we have our offices across 11 countries. Our company is government approved by ITCOT and is an independent project-oriented consultant company, providing specialized advisory services to a broad range of industries and businesses in India as well as overseas. The various services provided by ACEMANBAS include Planning, Project Management, IT Management, Design and System Integration, Investment Planning, Technical Consultations and Analysis in Business.

We have able management that has a clear strategy and vision for the future development of our business organization. ACEMANBAS also establishes long-term collaboration with leading engineering and manufacturing companies and business organizations for stable growth in the market. As a turnkey organization over the years we have obtained substantial experience and professional connections with trustworthy partners worldwide. We assist investors/contractors/credit institutions/managers in the project development and realization process.

Ace Manbas Ace Manbas
Ace Manbas

Also in the Energy sector, ACEMANBAS specializes in Solar, Wind and Waste-to-Energy. Now our core sectors are Agriculture, Animal husbandry, Fisheries, Energy, Transmission & Distribution, Water Supply & Distribution, Water Treatment, Irrigation, Agriculture and Industrial Projects. Our works mainly focus on all parts of Africa/ SAARC / ASEAN regions.

The vision and hard work, dedication and sincerity of the ACEMANBAS team which comprises mostly of highly qualified Engineers, Chartered Accountants, MBAs and experienced professionals made possible this achievement in this short period.

our mission

Ace Manbas
Ace Manbas

We are dedicated to improve quality of
life by providing innovative cost-effective
projects and services of global standards.

our vision

Ace Manbas
Ace Manbas

Our vision is to be a leading world class
turnkey project company that is committed
to consistently delight the customers through
our quality and service. We also strongly believe
in “Concept to Commissioning” with all our
undertaken works.